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The most accepted definition of generative art offered by Philip Galanter is: “Generative art refers to any art practice where the artist creates a process, such as a set of natural language rules, a computer program, a machine, or other mechanism, which is then set to motion with some degree of autonomy contributing to or resulting in a complete work of art.”

Celestino Soddu in one of his numerous papers about his Argenia project wrote: “Generative art is the idea realized as genetic code of artificial objects. The generative project is a concept-software that works producing three-dimensional unique and non repeatable events as possible and manifold expressions of the generating idea identified by the designer as a subjective proposal of a possible world. This idea / human creative act renders explicit and realizes an unpredictable, amazing and endless expansion of human creativity.” In continuation we can read: “The three-dimensional models produced using Argenia soft, multiple results of the idea, can be directly utilized by industrial manufacturing equipment like numerically controlled machines and robots, which already represent the present technologies of industrial production.”

On the home page of the 5th GA2002 Conference you can read: “Generative Art (GA) performs the idea as process. Moving from Artefacts to Artegens GA build a Natural/Artificial Worlds. Transforming generative codes realize, as natural DNA does, always different and unpredictable series of events, pictures, industrial objects, architectures, music, environment, communications, software and hardware devices, all recognizable by creative concepts. GA is identifiable as one of the most advanced approaches in creative and design world. It performs the incoming new naturality of artificial world. “

We can describe the generative art as a method for developing ideas and creating new solutions in all fields of human creativity. The basic idea is a human creation. The main problem is how to “explain” to the computer the elements of the idea and this is the next human creation: the program code. There are two programming types using pragmatic or mathematic instructions with different influence on the level of unpredictability of results. Pragmatic designed programs are more useful for design purposes where we need to create only variants of defined object. The area of art is absolutely free so the program based on mathematic instruction producing unexpected colored shapes can satisfied completely different types of art’s point of view. 

The most essential part of the generative method is the process that mean “to set into motion the computer program” producing results without any kind of programmer or other human influence. The Time is the only one to have right to enter in the process and to cause creation of DNA code, which has essential importance and highly influences the final result. This is typical of what is going on in nature on the beginning of the existence of live organism. The moment of the association of two cells causes new genetic combination as the formula of future organism. The association in the next moment would absolutely combine different DNA formula. So the starting moment of the generative process is fatal parameter for the produced result. Not to know the exactly time value of the start nobody can foresee the way of generative process. 

The selection of generated results is the creative role of the programmer or the other person who starts the program or order artworks for his office for example. The importance and enchantment of the selection phase is connected with the not repeating of the generative process. Any kind of the results of the generative method are lost forever if are not saved as a file or realized as a print or material object. The responsibility of choosing is manifested as a kind of hazard because the next cycle of generating algorithm could create better solution that was chosen. The fantastic solution could be lost in this way and humanity will never have opportunity to get it.

There are four phases of generative method: idea, code creation, process and selection of results. Fist two and the last are in the domain of human, the third one and the most important is in the domain of the system code-time-machine. Generative art method is a new philosophy of creating new and so “let the computer to develop and to propose infinite number of solutions of our ideas but be carefully on choosing”.

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