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GALLERY DIRECT - Interview with Bogdan Soban  

Bogdan is a revolutionary artist whose art is entirely computer generated and based exclusively on the aesthetic ability of mathematics and generative designed software. His geometric abstractions are magical creations of color and design that represent his emotions during the creative process. (read more)

EYES ON AI - A Look at Artificial Intelligence and Art Through Farhat's Eyes  

A key approach Bogdan adopts is that once his program is running, he will not interfere with it. The creation of the image will continue from start to finish with no communication from the artist midway. In this sense, the program is free to create the artwork on its own account. Also afther the image is made, he will not modify or elaborate on it in any way. (read more)     

GENERATIVE ART - Metodological approaches in programming

Creating images by the method of "generative art" is based on the fact that the authors themselves develop their software which provides an extraordinary diversity of the results. The approach to the development of programs can be highly mathematical, graphic design, or a combination of both. Authors have at disposal a number of known mathematical algorithms, or an immense field for innovative graphic manipulation, which enables them to achieve high level of diversity of the results. In the later period I have devoted a lot of effort just to this area and applied a number of methodological approaches which result in artistic features already hiding their computing origin. In this article I present seven methodological approaches which often appear in my programs for generating images (read more).

GENERATIVE ART - Hitesh's Artificial Intelligence and Art Blog 

Human beings have dreams, but you are just a machine. An imitation of life. Can a robot turn a canvas into a beautiful masterpiece? Generative art refers to art or design that has been generated, composed, or constructed in a semi-random manner through the use of computer software/mathematical algorithm. The main purpose of Soban's project is to create pictures - artworks on the screen of the computer, to choose interesting and aesthetic examples and save or print them. Pictures are created using his own generative designed software without applying any existing program available in on the web. (read more).

YLEM JOURNAL - Aspects of Generative Art

This issue of the Ylem Journal presents three approaches to generative art. As I understand it, this term has come to mean art which is created by a computer program without the active intervention of the artist. Tina Yu and Paul Johnson tell how they use swarm concepts to generate choreography for dance. Bogdan Soban relates an overview of the development of his tachniques for teaching his computer to create visual imagery. Scott Draves describes a web-based environment which he has created that permits other people to use his system to generate visual objects which he calls "Electric Sheep". (read more)

IEEE-XPLORE - Machine creation

My challenge was how to rouse up the creativity of a machine, or better, of a system programmed machine that has nothing to do with a human being. The computer has some abilities, which definitely surpass a human's, and why not use them to realize the eterna dreams of humanity: make the machine creative. It is true that the author of the program is a human being, but the creative process based on the same program could be so autonomous and independent of any kind if outside intervention or without predefined result that the authorship of the creation is undefined. Especially, the algorithmic approach its absolute unpredictability supports the thesis of an artificial creativity. (read more)


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